Our Story

Black Roses is Bjorn Erik Sorensen & Jane Gjestland, both living in Sandnes, Norway.

Bjorn Erik is the owner of Artbeat Recording Studio and has been working as a music engineer, producer, guitar player and songwriter for several years.
He has produced several albums for other Norwegian artists and bands and he was also a member of Vein & Poet's Day.

Jane Gjestland is a personell manager by day and songwriter by night - and have mainly written for others in the past. This is the first project where she lends her voice to the final production, besides a few commercials (Sjøfarts-direktoratett, Viking etc.)

Black Roses was created by random -  so was the first single.
After a songwriting session in the studio (that did not go too well) Jane stayed behind with Bjorn and together they wrote the song "I could get used to this" that evening. It was a relief to just write with no restrictions and in a genre more close to their own taste.

There was already a set plan to record 15 songs at BlackBird Studios in Nashville for another songwriting project and Jane & Bjorn decided to also include this song - although it still had no bridge - and it was in a different style than the other songs. The evening before the recording the last part (bridge) was written in a hotel room and luckily the song was then recorded.

Once back in Norway they recorded the vocals in Artbeat Studios and it was clear that this song fitted well with Janes voice - so therefore the decision was made to keep her voice on it, create a band and release it.

"I could get used to this" has been noticed and complimented by music industy people in Nashville and Los Angeles.
It has also been selected for NSAIs (Nashville songwriters Association) pitch to publisher (songwriting recognition) & NSAI one to watch (songwriter) - and it has been forwarded  to several music supervisors for film and TV in Los Angeles.

Black Roses has just released their second single and is currently writing and recording more songs for the band's upcoming EP/Album.